Industrial Automation

///Industrial Automation

Automation has played a huge role in the development of modern industries. With people depending more on automation and less on manual labor the industries are on their way towards developing themselves towards full automation. Automation not only saves money for the owner but also helps to create safer environment. Vacker Africa is one of the leading supplier of industrial automation systems in Africa. It supplies standard automation system as well as customized automation system to meet the need of the clients. Countries like Rwanda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Libya, Tanzania, Kenya, Chad, Angola, Niger, Nigeria, Congo etc. have been benefitting from our services.

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Industrial Automation


One major reason that Great Britain successfully carried out the industrial revolution in the early 1900s was the automation of industries. Automation of the industries has led our world to more prosperity and higher standard of living. Vacker Africa seeks to improve the industrial sector with new innovative automation systems and help our clients reach their business goals. The modern day and age is the time era of automation and those industries which embrace the best automation technology are sure to succeed in their path. The automation service provided by Vacker has been known to leave an impressive mark on the mind of the customers which is the reason the rehiring rate of our company has been very high.

Advantages of Industrial Automation


Below listed are the advantages of Industrial Automation services:

  1. Industrial automation has helped to create mass production more effectively.
  2. Industrial automation helps to decrease the product cost quite significantly.
  3. Industrial automation helps to create safer environment for the workers.
  4. Industrial automation helps to increase the quality of product.
  5. Industrial automation helps to save time immensely.
  6. Industrial automation helps to be more ecofriendly for the industries.

Our Services


We provide every kind of automation systems for industries. Some of them are automation systems for machines, process automation, HVAC automation etc. We also provide expert advice for installing best kind of automation system for your industries. Our engineers also will help the automation systems to be customized according to the need of the customers.

Why choose us?

Our company Vacker Africa provides its services in the most competent price available in the market. Our services are quick and our employees are quick to understand the requirement of the clients. Our team of engineers who are highly skilled and experienced will serve you throughout the year. We also happen to have the best after sale service in Africa.

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