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One of the leading companies in the African regions that provide different types of measuring instruments is Vacker Africa. Vacker Africa has been exclusively credited for providing high quality of Measuring Instruments that are very precise and accurate in different countries of Africa such as Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, etc. We have been involved in supplying different kinds of measuring instruments worldwide for industries, homes, hospitals, offices, etc. Hence, we understand the importance of reliable measuring instruments for people in the African region.

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Introduction to Measuring Instruments


There are different kinds of measurements required to be done in our daily life such as temperature, humidity, electric current, air quality meter, etc. While some factors can be predicted by using our senses and experience, the precise and accurate assumption of such factors is impossible for us. The instruments used to measure such factors as more accuracy are known as measuring instruments. The different kinds of measuring instruments provided by Vacker Africa are USB Data Logger, Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera, Infrared Food Service Thermometer, Hygrometer, Humidity Data Logger, Data Logger, etc. These measuring instruments have helped a great deal for proper operation of different systems in industries, hospitals, offices etc. While there are many kinds of measuring instruments provided by our Vacker group in Africa we are only going to discuss few of them in this section of article:

  1. USB Data Logger

    One of the great memory storage devices of the modern world USB Data Logger has changed our way of storing different kinds of data. The days when we used to store data in bulky files and paper are over with this revolutionary device. These devices are easy to carry since they are very light and can fit in our pocket comfortably. These Data Loggers come with different kinds of sensors that can measure different factors such as temperature, humidity, etc. and the readings are stored in the device which can be drawn by connecting the data logger to a USB port of a computer.

  2. digital-hygrometer-vackerglobalHygrometer

    The amount of moisture in the air is known as the humidity. Humidity is a major factor that can affect weather condition of a location. Humidity can affect different aspects of human life such as comfort level of living, HVACR systems in a building envelope etc. Hence it becomes very necessary to measure the humidity of a place. We provide different models of Hygrometers to our clients to measure the humidity level in the air that is accurate and reliable.

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  3. Humidity Data Logger

    Humidity data logger comes with a humidity sensor that can measure the humidity and store the reading of a certain period of time. The recorded data of humidity can be retrieved with the help of a PC. Generally, Humidity Data Logger may come with both humidity sensor and temperature sensor as humidity and temperature are interrelated factors of environment.

  4. Data Logger

    We provide different varieties of Data Loggers that are capable of measuring and storing data of various environmental factors such as temperature, humidity etc. over a long period of time with date, time and location. It may have internal sensors as well as external sensors. These data loggers are useful in saving money, time as well as maintaining a comfortable living environment.

  5. infrared-food-thermometerInfrared Food Service Thermometer

    Maintaining the right amount of temperature during the process of preparing a food product is very important. While conventional thermometer used to measure the temperature of food requires direct contact with the food item, Infrared Food Service Thermometer can measure the temperature of food without any physical contact with the food. Due to the competitive market in the food service industry, the production of high-quality food has become very important. Hence, the demand of infrared food service thermometer is increasing every day.

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  6. Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

    Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras are special types of camera that does not use visible light radiation for image formation but rather it uses infrared radiation to form a two-dimensional image. These cameras are specially devised for rescue operation, search operation, fire-fighting, surveillance, etc.



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