Vacker Africa is a company that supplies different kinds of engineering services and devices that are related to every day’s problem of common people. We also supply different Measuring Instruments such as Hygrometers in different countries of African region. Some of the countries include Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, etc. Our Hygrometers are developed by the experts with many years of experience and hence provide precise and accurate readings.

portable-thermohygrometerIntroduction to Hygrometer

The level of water vapor in air is known as the humidity. One of the important abiotic factors of the environment that plays a key role to determine the climatic and weather condition of a living space or environment is humidity. Humidity determines the comfort level of living space. Generally, we measure the humidity of the atmosphere is measured in percentage. We use RH (relative humidity) for the measurement of humidity. We can calculate relative humidity by dividing the partial pressure of water vapor by equilibrium vapor pressure of water at a certain temperature.

The instrument that is used to measure the humidity is known as Hygrometer. Humidity of the air is affected by different factors such as temperature and air pressure. Hence, hygrometer has to keep account of these factors too during the measurement of humidity. The construction of hygrometer has changed drastically from the early days of its development. Our company provides different models of digital hygrometers to its customer for homes, offices, research center, industries etc. Apart from different digital hygrometers, there are different traditional hygrometers that were used in the past and are also being used in this day and age. Examples of traditional hygrometer are as follows:

  • Psychrometers (Wet and dry bulb thermometer)
  • Chilled mirror dew point hygrometers
  • Sling psychrometer
  • Hair tension hygrometer
  • Metal paper coil hygrometer

Although these hygrometers are being used from many years digital hygrometers demand is increasing day by day due to its quick response and accuracy. There are different types of modern hygrometer that are accurate, reliable and easier to use than the traditional hygrometer. Some new types of hygrometer that are slowly taking over the traditional hygrometer are:

  • Resistive hygrometer
  • Thermal hygrometer
  • Gravimetric hygrometer
  • Capacitive hygrometer

Fields of Application

The application field of hygrometer is very wide. Since too much high or too much low humidity in the air can cause an adverse effect on the human health and valuable items hygrometer helps to monitor the level of humidity in a living space and alert the user if the humidity level reaches a dangerous level. Hygrometers can collaborate with the air conditioning system of a building envelope and help to maintain a comfortable living condition in the building. Hygrometers are also useful for the research purpose as different chemical reactions in the lab are affected by the humidity. It is also useful for the meteorologist as the weather of a location is hugely affected by humidity. Hygrometers are necessary during the coating and painting processes of a body.


Digital Hygrometer

Digital hygrometer generally have inbuilt temperature and humidity sensors in them and they are capable of displaying the humidity readings in the digital display. They are usually more accurate and precise than the traditional thermometer. They are easier to carry from one place to another. Some of our popular models are "Thermometer hygrometer BZ05" and "Thermo Hygrometer Model T210".