Cold Rooms

Vacker Africa is an international supply company with high experience in integrated refrigeration in African region. We supply products and services related to industrial refrigeration which include installing and testing of cold rooms and cold stores. Apart from installing we also provide temperature mapping and commissioning of cold rooms and cold stores. We supply our services and products in different countries of Africa such as Chad, Nigeria, Tanzania, Niger, Angola, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Congo, Congo-Pacific, Rwanda, Morocco, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Libya, Cameroon, Algeria, etc.

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We are proud to supply our services to some of the leading industries in the African region which also validates our claim of being one of the major integrated refrigeration companies in Africa. We provide customized services with high cost-effectiveness with warranty in products. Along with large industries, we also provide our services to small industries, restaurants and other commercial buildings. We also help to store cold storage rooms for domestic purposes as it has many advantages.

Vacker Africa also provides you with different humidifiers and dehumidifiers along with various monitoring systems for the cold rooms.

cold-roomWhat is a Cold Room?

Cold room or cold storage room is a typical storage area which temperature is maintained lower than the ambient environment by using various kinds of refrigeration method. These cold rooms are more common in industries but these also can be installed in general domestic houses.

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Cold rooms play a very important role in protection of food items such as vegetables and fruits for a long time. Since low temperature is maintained in a cold room fruits and vegetable can be stored safely for a longer period of time in them.

cold-storage-room-vackerafricaAdvantages of Cold Rooms in Homes

Although cold rooms for industrial purpose is quite popular installing cold rooms for domestic purposes are decreasing. The size of the cold rooms can be very flexible, unlike refrigerators which come in certain sizes. These cold rooms can be designed in various sizes to fulfill the requirement of the user. These cold rooms are best for food storage, especially for local farmers. The local farmers can store their products in the cold rooms which may not fit in general domestic refrigerators. Cold stores are also helpful in freeing some of the spaces in the refrigerator. Cold rooms are very useful as these can also be used as a backup for refrigerators during a power cut. With proper planning in the installation of cold rooms people can save themselves from wasting money on waste food. Hence, installing a cold room in domestic households is also a brilliant idea.


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