Vacker Congo Pacific provides the premium solution for the problems related to hydraulics. We are the leading company that supplies services and products related to hydraulics machinery such as hydraulic valves, hydraulic spares, hydraulic pipes, hydraulics cable cutter. You can contact us now for our services in different cities of Africa such as Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire, Dolisie, Kayes, Owando, Ouesso, etc.

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What is Hydraulics?

Hydraulic technology basically focuses on applying different mechanical properties of fluids in different fields. This technology has become the base of engineering of many heavy machines in today’s modern world. With the use of fluid mechanical properties, engineers can control and transmit power according to the requirement. The use of hydraulics technology dates back to the ancient period. But today engineers and scientists have been able to understand the mechanical properties of fluid more and have developed more sophisticated based on hydraulics.

Hydraulics machinery


Hydraulic machinery are all kinds of Mechanical equipment that use liquid pressure to perform different kinds of operation using the force of liquid pressure. Vacker Congo Pacific is one of the top companies that supplies different hydraulic and pneumatic machines throughout the Africa region. We provide different pneumatic and hydraulic machines related to agriculture, beverage processing industries, petrochemical industries, water treatment plants, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

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Hydraulic valve

Hydraulic valve are the key part in a system that helps in controlling the pressure and flow of liquid or fluid. They play a key role in keeping the hydraulic parts of a system safe and functioning. We even provide a hydraulic valve that can be controlled by a computer which results in smooth functioning of a system. We provide different types of hydraulic valves such as electric hydraulic valves, solenoid valves, hydraulic proportional valves and hydraulic manifolds. Our different models of hydraulic valves come in different kinds of shapes and sizes that help to increase the performance of the system. Our wide range of hydraulic valves includes directional control valves, flow control valves and pressure control valves.

Hydraulic pipe

We provide hydraulic pipe for every kind of applications for industrial use. Whether you require low-pressure hydraulic pipe or ultra-high pressure hydraulic pipe we provide the best kind of industrial hydraulic pipe in the Africa region. Our hydraulic pipes are extremely efficient, highly durable and relatively low priced. The flexibility and strength of our hydraulic pipe or hose are incredible that ensures high performance. Some of the types of hydraulic pipes supplied by our company are as follows:

  1. Thermoplastic hydraulic pipe
  2. Braided hydraulic pipe
  3. Spiral hydraulic pipe

With numerous industries using our hydraulic pipes the feedbacks of our products have been absolutely amazing. Contact us today for any kinds of hydraulic pipes required.

Hydraulic spare parts

Vacker Congo Pacific also supplies other hydraulic spare parts for a hydraulic system. We also provide every kind of services related to the hydraulic system. Some other hydraulic parts supplied by our company are hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic kits, hydraulic accessories such as hose nipple, hydraulic tank, hydraulic oil, tube connector, one line clamp, two line clamp, spring for hydraulic pipes, oil filter, etc.

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