Vacker Africa has a stock of wide range of autoclaves and supplies in different countries of Africa. Some of the places where our products can easily be purchased are Djibouti, Tanzania, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Congo, Niger, Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Morocco and Cameroon.


Autoclaves help to complete various kinds of chemical reaction and other processes by using super-heated steam under high pressure. Due to this these autoclaves find their application in medicine, chemical industries, sterilization, vulcanization of rubber, hydrothermal synthesis and cure coating.



Some of the places and fields where sterilization autoclaves are frequently used are microbiology, tattooing, funeral homes, dentistry, prosthetics fabrication, medicine and body piercing.

Vacker Africa is the major supplier of autoclaves in the African region which are mostly being used in sterilization of different materials and instruments in hospitals. Sterilization autoclaves eliminate infectious agents by destroying them with hot steam under high pressure. Sterilization of medical objects that may not be able to withstand high temperature and pressure are sterilized with new generation waste converter.

Large sized autoclaves are used in aerospace and spare makers. High heat and pressure of the autoclaves make the properties of the material repeatable.

Autoclaves are also used in growing synthetic quartz crystals and packing parachute.

Air Removal


Air removal process is also an important part of sterilization. By the use of an autoclave, materials can be sterilized in much lower temperature. The process also becomes quicker. There are various methods used for the purpose of air removal. They are:

Downward Displacement

In this method a drain is used with a temperature sensor and the air is compressed to the bottom of the drain. The air discharge continues through the drain until the air is completely evacuated. A solenoid valve is also used in conjunction and a steam trap is used for controlling the flow.

Steam Pulsing

A series of steam pulses are created by pressurizing the chambers with alternation and depressurizing it near the atmospheric pressure.

Vacuum Pumps

This is quite popular in removing the air. The vacuum pump sucks out the air to create a vacuum.

Super-atmospheric cycle

Series of steam pulses are created after series of vacuum in this type of method. The steam pulses to be used is determined by the cycle chosen.

Sub-atmospheric cycle

In this method the pressure of the chamber used exceeds the atmospheric pressure when the pressure reaches sterilizing temperature.

The application of the autoclaves is found in many fields especially in the medicine field. Different micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores are easily destroyed by sterilizing with the help of autoclaves. This helps the medicine sector become more safe and better for the people. Autoclaves hold more significance in poorer countries and rural areas as same items may require repeated use and single use method are unaffordable. Use of autoclaves is also more environment-friendly than the incineration.

Sterilizing with the help of autoclaves also assures the customers with quality. For example, people would have a different confidence with material with sterilized mark than without a sterilized mark. Sterilized objects guarantee people the objects used are free from causing any diseases.