Laboratory Balances

///Laboratory Balances

The equipment that is used to measure very small quantity of mass is called laboratory balances. These balances are capable of measuring mass even up to sub-milligram level. These balances find their application especially in the laboratory hence they are commonly called laboratory balances. The measuring pan of the laboratory is very light. The pan is covered with protective cover to avoid collection of dust in the pan which may affect the measurement. The covering used in such pans is known as draft shield.


The pans are designed in such a way that the measurement remains unaffected by the circulation of air. During the measurement process, the room of the lab should be at room temperature to avoid any formation of an air current. Many factors affect the measurement process by the laboratory balance such as buoyancy, friction, misalignment, condensation, evaporation, improper calibration, seismic disturbances and gravitational abnormalities.

To avoid error from these factors vented balance safety enclosures are used. These enclosures help to avoid effects of these factors on the laboratory balance and help in providing more accurate measurement. The acrylic airfoils in the enclosures ensure the smooth air flow without causing any fluctuation. The enclosure helps the lab to perform with more efficiency and accuracy and thus comply with the international standard.

Vacker Africa has been supplying accurate and reliable laboratory balances for many years in the regions of Africa. Some countries where these products can be found are Djibouti, South Africa, Angola, Niger, Nigeria, Angola, Lebanon, Chad, Morocco, Ghana, Cameroon, etc.

Electronic laboratory balances are getting popular day by day. These balances rather than measuring masses measure the force required to counter the effect of the mass. Certain calibration adjustments are made which helps in eliminating the effect of gravitational differences that may cause an error. The electromagnet in the balance generates a certain amount of force to counter the mass to be measured and the force is measured for finding the mass.


Features of Lab Balances:

Vacker Africa supplies very high-quality laboratory balances for the customers. Some of the features of our lab balances are as follows:

  1. The balance is highly durable and reliable.
  2. Calibration in the lab balance is very easy.
  3. The equipment is also capable of daily weighing.
  4. The accuracy level of the balance is pretty high.
  5. Precision is another good trait of our lab balances.

Types of Lab Balances:


There are various types of lab balances supplied by Vacker Africa. Some of the types include:

  1. Spring balances
  2. Beam balances
  3. Equal arm balances
  4. Unequal arm balances
  5. Analytical balances
  6. Moisture balances
  7. Top loading balances
  8. Platform balances