Our company Vacker Africa is a very well-known company that has been supplying different kinds of Medical Equipment in different parts of the African region such as Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, etc. Microscope is one of the items that we supply in the region. The microscopes that we supply are accurate and reliable hence it has become a popular demand of people working in hospitals, research centers and even common people.


Introduction to Microscope

“Microscope” is made up of two Greek words micro and scope. Micro means small and scope means to see. Hence microscope literally means to see small things. Microscope is a device that can multiply the size of an object’s images by the use of different lens.

Applications of Microscope

  • Microscope is used to study different kinds of living organisms that are very hard to see or cannot be seen with naked eyes. It is also used to study living organisms on cellular level. It is due to a microscope that we understand the various functions of our body so well.
  • It is also very important equipment in the medical field. Different kinds of testing to diagnose a disease are done with the help of a microscope. Different microbes of the diseases are studied with the help of microscope which helps in treatment of the patient. Abnormality in cellular functions of a body is also detected with the help of microscope. Hence, microscope has helped to save millions of life.
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  • Microscope is also useful in crime investigation department. Different departments related to security and crime investigation use microscope for investigating clues left by the criminals with the help of a microscope. DNA Samples, blood stain, finger prints etc. are studied under microscope.
  • Microscopes are the integral part of research laboratories. Different chemical reactions, physical and chemical properties of atoms and sub-atoms etc. are studied under microscope.

Types of Microscope

There are various types of microscope according to the use and their structure. Below listed are some of the common types of Microscopes:

1. Optical Microscope


The most common and simple type of microscope is known as optical microscope. The image formation of a subject is done with the help of light in this type of microscope. These types of microscope have lower magnification capability when compared to the other modern types of microscope. Generally the magnification capability of optical microscope is up to 1250 times. These microscope are generally used in schools, document verification, etc.

2. Electronic Microscope

It is a more advanced type of microscope than the optical microscope. They has high magnifying power than the optical microscope and are used to study matter on atomic level.

3. Ultra-microscope

The latest type of microscope is the ultra-microscope which also have very high magnifying capacity and forms an image of better clarity.