Building Information Modelling BIM

///Building Information Modelling BIM

Construction of various infrastructures is rapidly growing in the developing countries of Africa. With the growing construction projects BIM (building information modeling) has significantly grown. Vacker Africa supplies various services related to BIM in the African nations such as Chad, Djibouti, South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and many more.

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What really is BIM?

Building information modeling is also widely known as building information management is a process which involves a digital presentation of construction planning. The presentation includes the physical and functional aspects of the planned construction. The BIM software is getting popular and is used by individuals, organization and governments. BIM helps to sort out proper planning for the construction purpose. They help in planning different physical infrastructures in the construction such as water, electricity, transport, bridges, road, tunnels, etc.

When we look back at the history of BIM it dates back to 1970s but never have been this much popular. The basic concept development of BIM can be credited to Simon Ruffle as he published a paper with the term "building model" in the year 1985. The term later developed into building model information. After nearly 2 decades the building model information got more recognition all around the world. Today most of the high profile construction planning is not done without BIM.

Building Information Model


Why is BIM necessary?


BIM files are more than two-dimensional or three-dimensional construction models previously used. BIM is capable of showcasing every little detail of the construction planning and even show small changes being made and its effects. This helps the engineers, architects, contractors and workers to collaborate with each other and find the best design for the project. With BIM it is easier to collaborate with each other and keep detailed information on the computer. The process has helped to make the decision-making process easy and complete the project more effectively. The process has helped many people to save both time and money. BIM also helps to create a safer environment for the workers. The process also helps in prediction problems before they arise and solve it effectively. The building information modeling has been used in various sectors such as construction, facility operation and land administration.


Another advantage of building information management is that it helps the people to predict the overall costs of construction, time period and technology required. With various international BIM developments working in the field, our company stands out as one of the best.

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