USB Data Logger

Data storage is a very important aspect of the human world. From the ancient times when data was kept by drawing images on the rocks or walls to the modern era where data is kept in papers, files and memory disks the process of data storage has had leaps and bounds. Data Loggers, a device that facilitates data recording, to the rescue. Vacker Africa provides one effective way of data storage in the form of USB Data Loggers. It is one of the leading group in Africa that provides quality and reliable USB data logger in different countries of South Africa such as Nigeria, Congo, Uganda, Algeria, etc.

Introduction to USB Data Loggerplug-play-data-logger

There had been time where different readings of different factors were manually written down and kept in a paper file. This type of data storage were not only time consuming but also unreliable. Also it became necessary to appoint an individual to write down the data which made it costly too. Our USB data logger is a revolutionary device that is capable of measuring different environmental factors and recording and storing the data as well. Different factors include temperature, humidity, pressure etc. The USB data logger comprises of different kinds of sensors such as temperature, humidity, pressure etc. These data loggers can store the readings along with date, time and location. We can use a pc to retrieve the data stored in the Data Logger. There are different types of USB data loggers such as USB temperature data loggers, USB humidity data loggers, USB temperature data loggers, etc.

Different types of USB Data Loggers

There are different types of Data Loggers that we provide in the market. Each type of USB data loggers is designed to record specific factors. USB temperature data loggers have temperature sensors in them for the measurement of temperature. It records the temperature readings and stores it safely for the future use. This type of USB data loggers finds its use especially in food industries, medicinal storage, biological science etc. Humidity USB data loggers are designed to measure the amount of moisture in the air. They generally come with both temperature sensor and humidity sensors in them. These are capable of recording the readings of temperature and related humidity with them over a fixed period of time. Likewise USB air pressure data loggers are used to measure the air pressure of the environment. We also provide USB electrical data loggers for recording different factors of electrical system.

data-logger-applicationsDifferent models of USB Data Loggers

There are different models of USB data loggers but these models can generally be classified as single-use USB data loggers and multi-use USB data loggers. Single-use data loggers also popularly known as the disposable USB data loggers are used to collect a data which is downloaded in a computer but can’t be used for collecting another set of data. The USB-data loggers can be disposed after the data is extracted. Multi-use data loggers are different from single-use USB data loggers because multi-use USB data loggers can be used to record data for multiple times and is not disposed after just a single use. Some of the USB-data loggers in the market of Africa of our Vacker groups is discussed below:

1. Single-use USB Data Logger Model without PDF Display

It does not contain any kind of specific software to record data and hence is easily retrieved by the computer. It can store up to 700 readings. We can determine the number of days of programming of the USB-data logger because of its flexible programming. It comes with 5 LED which can alert the user of various conditions.

2. Disposable USB Temperature Data Logger Model USB PDF (LCD Display)usb-data-logger-vacker

This model is quite similar to the above discussed above but contrastingly it comprises of an LCD display. It can record more detailed information or data and is more advanced than the previous model. It can display the time period of highest and lowest reading.

3. Multiple-use USB Temperature Data Logger

These models are designed to be used multiple number of times and come with LCD display to show the readings obtained. It has more memory storage and specially records the temperature readings in a system.

4. Multiple-use USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with LCD Display

It is similar to the previous model but has the capability to take the readings of temperature as well as humidity. These data loggers are categorized in two types namely single-use USB data logger and Multi-use USB data logger.